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Why Women Suffer?

Women and a majority of them suffer because of bad decisions or bad choices they make in their earlier life. Although they are a tad better in comparison to men in certain decisions, they still end up hurting themselves and getting into a chronic relationship.
Relationships, get a hell out of them later. Men – if they are obsessed with a girl, no matter what, all they want is to be with that girl. So, they pursue a girl. Even “n” number of problems surface, men try to find out a way!
The success depends on the girl’s decision though.
Whereas women and society have a different viewpoint. Just like men are quickly charmed by a beautiful face over a beautiful heart. Women are no different! I don’t know why one said Men are from Mars and Women from Venus?
Go look at the society, across caste, creed and culture you will find some very common and annoying traits.
The prima facie reason, for this calamity is *****
How good a feeling being loved and wanted is, isn’t it?
Yet how many of us really find it? Not many I guess.
Infact the more beautiful you are, the greater the problem. As the world and the opposite sex firstly and mostly looks at you from that angle alone. And even if we feel, this guy or girl is different, over a period it subdues.
You can’t blame anyone but Yourself if you tend to fall in that phase.
However if you understand yourself, your thought process, your choices that you are proud of, what really gives you happiness, what made you do that, you have come a far way and an informed person.

The world is full of illusion. Likes attract and not Opposites.

Let me share one of my client’s case, she is a working girl in her 30’s and her husband is 40. They are married for 12 years. The husband is a Senior Executive. However their relationship is only about fight’s/arguments everyday. Nothing else.

I asked her on what issues do you fight, she says, we stay with my mother in law and mother in law’s sister and her sister raises one or the other issues everyday, on which they (the husband and wife have a fight every day).

Some pity issues are raised. And it’s on for a year or so. She wanted to get out of this.

I asked her to go to her parent’s for few days and let him realise her “worth”. She say’s it’s not possible as her parent’s are neighbours. If I go to them, they will ask her to go back, and they take his side.

Then I suggested go to a friend or relative. She say’s they too are by his side. Now, I said it seems that he is really a good man. And she agrees. She says he is a really good man, as a son and as a father. He is more responsible and caring for their daughter even more than her.

Then I asked what more you want? She says, I want to go out and enjoy life. I love to party, freak out. And he is no more interested in all this. And it’s obvious I don’t expect him to pamper me but there’s no fun left in life. It’s so dull and boring and I go home after working all day, only to have a fight! It’s ruining my life and no one is by my side.

What a pity, isn’t it, to have everything in life but still feel low, unloved, unwanted. There are hundreds and thousands of cases like these going around. And it can be altered at the very beginning of a relationship or adjusted later on with self conditioning with professional help. What’s important here is You need to know Yourself first.

What makes You happy. And whether it will make You happy in the future too. Things You cannot do without. Accordingly, You have to set Your Life, Lifestyle, People around it.

If I look and talk to a girl, know a bit about her, I can confidently say, what she is going to end up with. Whether she will make or break her life.

The things which really matter at the end of life is contentment and peace. Sadly, these cannot be bought.

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