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Relationships & Marriages : How Do You Find Real Love?

Everyday we come across people who are tied to a relationship. They want to get rid of it but due to one reason or the other they can’t.

I had a call yesterday about one such case. It’s about a husband cheating on his wife and then accepting it before the family few years back. Moving forward, the things doesn’t seem to have changed.

Since this man on the one pretext or the other stays away from home.

He says he will comeback after 8-10 days, working on an important project and blah, blah blah..

As part of our Private Consultations, we get to hear a lot many of these cases.

And the Victim many a times wants to know the reason? Why?

It’s not that once you know the reason things are going to get better or change.

All it will do is make you even more self conscious, self defeating. You will try to reason out with yourself and justify your goodness before your own people.

Further, You may become more apprehensive in your future relationships. Because You start to see the world from the same angle.

There is no one specific reason for Infidelity to happen. Is there any reason for LOVE?

What is LOVE? To me it’s the cheapest commodity. Everyone say’s “I Love You”, “I Love You”

Unless You find Real Love  it’s a rarest of the rare thing. Even rare than Diamond Or Platinum!

And the biggest challenge for a girl today is to recognise and reward that Real Love.

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And I bet not many girl’s have the Clarity, Confidence & Courage to respond to this Reality.

Because then comes the most destructive face of human nature, where You match the Religion, Caste, Family Status, Financial Status, Society Approval i.e what people will say,

Patrika, Kundli, Raashi  

So how do you expect to find real love with that many barricades??

Since you are narrowing your chances with these detrimental filters.

Are You Unique? Yes in some way! Every individual is unique.
So, to find an Unique Person to compliment you for life, You will need to get rid of these filters.

If You are one in a million, you’ll need to find a guy from a million who is passionate for You and not from the close knit circle of family friends.

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Your Life, Your Way, That’s The Only Way!

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