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Have you figured out your passion?

Have you ever thought that, what we actually see in this world is somewhat like this: almost 90% people are more

or less what we call ordinary people. A few are the ‘genius’/ ‘successful’ ones who contribute to the society or

civilization with their innovations, dedication, knowledge, products, ideas and so on. Leaving them aside, the

huge ordinary population lead their life in an almost predictable way: they start school, attain college, get a job,

make ends meet, support the family and die like the most other ordinary people. And maybe none remembers them

after two or three generations. And, it is completely OKAY to be among the forgotten ones, among the ordinary ones,

among the unproductive ones!

There happens to be a misconception planted deliberately in our mind that everyone has to be creative or

passionate in something. Everyone has to be special in something. If not in science, then maybe in drawing,

if not in business, then maybe in music, if not in cooking, then maybe in travelling.

The truth is everyone is unique, No one else in the world is You and that is your incredible power.
No one else had to live your life. Your situations, experiences, difficulties, choices, surroundings, environment,

teachings, beliefs, philosophy and learnings are all unique and doctored in your journey.

The choices we make are greatly shaped by what we were taught at an young age.
If we soul search, introspect we will definitely find our mantra of success. What we are naturally good at.

And whether it is in sync with our own idea/belief of ourself.
Whether we want to capitalise on our uniqueness and create a bigger stage or impact for ourself is the

question we need to think of. Or we are happy go lucky and don’t want to disturb our current lifestyle, stability

or jerks that a new idea or new road would entail.

One thing we must keep in mind no matter what our EXCUSE for not following our heart is,

“We are only Living for Ourselves”

Selfish it may sound to you, but that’s the blatant truth” It’s just the higher accord we have attached to ourselves

that creates a great deal of disbelief and confusion.
So, when one says, “I Love You”, part of it has to be with some characteristic or features of that person, looks,

persona, beauty, style, fashion but even more than that it is somewhat more to do with our own “feelings” to ourselves.
The importance we attach to our own self, our self image – getting the best one out there! Where more than

real love for the other person, it is about how great we feel ourselves inside.

What an achievement it is in our head?

And this is precisely the reason that after the initial days the spark fizzles out, be it love or a committed relationship.

Relationships go through that phase.
So many sole bread earners of their family die in tragedies, does that stop their familes from living?
No, once the reliable person is gone, the other people find a way amongst themselves. Yes, the road may be

full of darkness or hiccups but eventually everybody sustains.
The power to bring about a change in your lives lies within you.
“Who will cry when I die” is a title of a famous book.
Think over it, “Who will?” Only the immediate family suffers for the time being and then they get accustomed

to it. So why fool ourselves, that we are living for someone else and why not create a better prosperous life,

in which we have massive interest, connect with our souls and enrich our life experience and of others too

who come in our contact.

It’s Your Life Story – Make it worthy

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  • Nia

    August 31, 2019

    I have a disturbed life, relationship and career, have seen huge number of arguments disrespect and fights between my parents, never had a mentor or guide to help me out understand my choices, I’m quite vulnerable is what I feel, I find myself being rude to my bf and getting mad for small things, which eventually turns out that I was expecting too much, I don’t understand how to solve things

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