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Happy New Year 2020

How are you?

How is the beginning of this New Year for You.

Take Your Decision, What You Want From This Life and Start Living For Yourself first.

In our Life Designing, we get calls everyday, so and so is happening what do i do?

Let me explain, Start Living For Yourself first : People like to believe that they are magnaanimous – Not True

It’s only in their head they believe, that they are living for family and stuff.

Everyone is a born individual. The choices you make design and shape your life.

But people love playing the victim card, to themselves and to other’s.

Trust me, You are only harming your goodselves. The world is a very busy place now.

Whatever is not happening is not happening because somehow you are more comfortable living with that thought.

Rather than changing the scenario.

Oh, I can’t do this, I can’t do that. What do I do?

We always tell people, You have only one life to follow your passion.

So why do you downgrade yourself suffering for silly things.

It’s your life, your journey, no one needs to understand.

You need to be clear of what you really want and how you want to shape your life.

Life is a series of decisions, we can only help better it.

And we will be glad to help you. Life Designing is our forte.


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Signing Off,

Vikas Gade
Personal Life Coach

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