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Passion to Profession : Change Your Path

Is your Passion and Profession in sync?

Are you passionate about your job? Do you find yourself happy about doing your job?

Are you have to do it because you have to for a living?

Last week I wrote you about a Successfull Business Women, who had everything, a flourishing Entertainment business,

plush office at a premium locality, and 35-40 Employees working for her.

Yet when asked about her objective in life she said “she wants to make more money

And it’s so true for many people, out there.

Do You  want to make a lot of money??

Yes, then read on…but remember money won’t buy you the ultimate happiness.

Do You know what it takes to mint a lot of money??

Ans :…..

To answer that, You need to talk to and soul search yourself

Q.1. Do you like going to the current job?
Q.2. Do you like what you are doing?
Q.3. Can you imagine your whole life doing what you are doing now?

Condition 1: If the answer to any of the question above is No. Then you need to think about quitting it.

Hold On, it doesn’t mean you should resign just yet.

Another set of Questions,

Q.4. Do you have a great desire or passion for something?
Q.5. Do you have risk taking ability to quit earning and pursue this passion?
Q.6. Do you have enough money to sustain your life for 6 months?

Condition 2: If answer to all of the question above is Yes. Then you can think about quitting your job.

But wait wait wait.

If you had all the money in the world, would you still pursue the career you pursued? Why or why not?

Life is an exam. The question’s are endless.

Q.7. Do you know what needs to be done to pursue your passion?
Q.8. Does your passion have money making opportunities?
Q.9. Do you know how to earn money through your passion?

How to fix your passion to profession path basically?

Passion is what will set you apart from the rest. You need to pursue it with vigour and enthusiasm.

Successfull names today chased their passion, kept working on it and that’s the ONLY reason why they are there.

Is that also true for You??

For majority of people, the truth is Procrastination..

After all, what is procrastination? It’s when you know you should do something, but you still don’t do it. Why not?

The answer is simple: at some level you believe that taking action in this moment would be more painful than just putting it off.

Yet, have you ever had the experience of putting something off for so long that suddenly you felt pressure to just do it,

to get it done. What happened? .

Suddenly, not taking action became more painful than putting it off.

The same holds true for most decisions that you take in Life.

Client questions to invoke the thought process

Q) I’m a commerce graduate, but I am interested in arts and crafts. How should I move in this field to make it my career?

Ans: Choose a specific domain in Arts & Crafts.

Do the best work in that domain.

Gather knowledge and skills, make some content and videos, showcase your craft to the world.


Q) What do you prefer to be a 9 to 5 job person or to be an entrepreneur/CEO of startup? And why?

Ans: I prefer to be an Entrepreneur and Explorer in life.

I am helping people excel in their passion and live their dream life in reality by escaping the rat race.

It’s nonsense to live a robotic mechanical life, only for livelihood. Once your basic needs are met, you need to save and start your own venture.

Life is short, you need to live in spirit before you leave the world.



It’s your Life, Make It Worth Living.

The things which really matter at the end of life is contentment and peace. Sadly, these cannot be bought.

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