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Love Life and Relationships

Love, Life and Relationships!

What is Love? Love, Life and Relationships?

They say, Love is in the air – so true in most of the relationships that we see today, love is only in the air.

It is hardly in the heart. Let’s dive into Love, Life and Relationships!

Here we are talking about Love relation between girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse.

How do you define Love?

Well, no one can define love, it can only be felt, it is one of the purest form of relation without questions?

Love is fundamentally sacrificing in nature, and without expectations!

It’s like motherly love without expectations.

How do you define true love or sexual love?

True Love is rare and a treasure.

Sexual love is present everywhere.

The moment you see a beautiful girl/guy, a person from opposite sex and you feel attracted towards them,

it is more of sexual love.

True love is when one doesn’t need to speak and yet the other person understands, the underlying emotions

like a readable book. Messages are conveyed with one look from the person you love.

You find sexual love. True Love finds you.

If there is no sex, there won’t be sexual love or the said lover will disappear.

If there is no sex, still True love will be with you.

True Love is like more of a motherly love.

A mother doesn’t really get tired of her child, even if she turns 80 her love and care for the child is same as for her infant.

Even if the child hurts her as many times during the life journey.

Does that hold true of your relationship with your partner?

So, for all those girl’s who get caught up in a ”complicated” relationship status; you need to know a relationship can either

be true or it can be based upon mutual unconveyed benefits.

What happens when one says, “I Love You”

I love you is often used only to convey the liking or disliking for a person.

The prima facie reason why relationships don’t hold forte today is that they are simply based upon physical traits,

grooming, smart talks, sexual indulgence, bodily needs of two people, with very little attention to the inner space that one

needs to have in the heart and soul of another person.

As a matter of fact, our society has quickly given up on love marriages. Earlier Love marriages were considered as a taboo.

People whispered in ears, if someone in their society had love marriage.

That was the case few years back with Love, Life and Relationships.

Then came the era of love marriages. And due to the failure rates among love marriages been high, many people

developed a phobia for love marriages.

Now, what I really feel sad about is, the societies ratio of success and failure in love marriages becomes a

standard tool for other people to perceive love marriage as a debacle, couples are confused about taking

their relationship forward.

They seek external help, which is far better.

But most rely on the advice of their near and dear one’s and fumble in relationships.

In India, paying for a Professional Advice related to our emotions is the most negligible aspect.

People call me when they are going through a bad situation, and they cry out their story but when it comes to

going through a system to re align their life, they are not happy to take action immediately.

Most of the love stories we hear from Client’s are so similar, yet each one of them feels that their

love relationship saga is unique.

We let them think so. For us the important point is what we can offer best to the client, henceforth

what will redesign their life.

But the client’s procrastinate big time.

And then they come back later after ruining the situation further to seek help. The time gap can be from

a couple of months to couple of years when they had first taken advice!

80% of our Client’s turn up like that.

For Ex: One of our prospective HNI Client calls us twice a year to discuss about her son.

Her son is almost 32 now, he works in their family business for 15-20 days and then locks himself up

in his room for 10 days.

He cuts the ties with everyone. Uses the basic mobile.

The mother is worried for him every 6 months, discusses on call with us but never proceeds ahead.

And this is ongoing for the last 4-5 years now.

I met her once initially at their plush apartment at Lower Parel. What I want to pin point is that the

mother’s indecision to resurrect the life of her son.

And most of us when it comes to our Personal Life tend to do the same thing. We push or delay things

till it doesn’t becomes an emergency situation.

Question’s we often get on Love, Life and Relationships

So, people often come to us and say this,

Is it possible to forget true love? Or it is not possible for me to forget him/her?

(And I say why do you need to??)

I love him/her but our families don’t agree?

Is it true that everyone easily forgets true love?


True Love can never be forgotten.

And no matter what the distance or years of seperation, once you have been in true love you cannot forget it,

you have to live with it even if you are at a distance from each other.

It never dies. The feeling is so ingredient in our veins.

So why do people opt for going opposite ways when they can be together a initially?

Well family and societal pressure, is what we are told.

How come?

Did you ask your family and society before falling in love?

Did you seek their approval?

So why now after spending and knowing each other for year’s one has to give up on their relationship?

I will tell you the reason. It may be hard to digest but somewhere the couple’s themselves don’t want

to face an ire or blame from the family if the relationship goes soar, or it doesn’t workout a few years later.

This happens with the highest majority of love stories. Few years of togetherness and then they part ways.

Which is one of the reason people love one and marry someone else. Both girls and boys alike.

And now the second a very minor percentage of love stories that succeed are so confident of each other that

they take the plunge, decision to be together come what may.

Whichever way you choose, it only speaks volumes about Yourself!

Whether you had the courage to overcome opposition, patience to convince the guy/girl in your life?

Grit to take decision, for the betterment of your life.

There is hardly any use sulking in the thoughts later in life, and saying to yourself, I should have.

In many cases, we have seen the family opposition last’s for a year or two.

But as the couple progresses, the family too sides with them. Because now they realise there is no point

to approve and disapprove. The couple is already together.

So to all the people, if you feel confident that your current partner can take or will take care of you as the

year’s pass by, as you grow older, that is the only point to consider.

Simlarly whether you too love to and will take care of him/her if he/she doesn’t possess what

he/she possesses today.

I was having a relationship of 3 years. She was my world and now she is going to marry another guy

because of family pressure. What should I do?

One of the most typical cases that we observe in society today.

  1. Speak to her, if she also loves you equally, she will no matter what come to you.
  2. Don’t beg with emotions, convince her with practical realities.
  3. This is a most common situation of Love affairs in our country.
  4. Most girls give up on love, owing to family pressure. They resist for a while but then follow in line with the family.
  5. They don’t know how to handle it, when caught in a web of negativities. And you are all alone.
  6. The family focusses on well settled groom, and within their community, that is the first preference.
  7. The higher the pay package of groom and parent’s basic background, is enough for most.
  8. No one looks into other details of the groom. Of late, in higher societies we do see background check of partner’s before marriage.
  9. If she really loves you, she will be with you for sure.

More power to Love, life and Relationships.

My boyfriend loves me, but because of his mother, he is not ready to marry me. Why?

Answer: Leave him girl. These are useless fellows. Who can’t take a decision on their own.

If he loves you, he has to marry you come what may. I assume religious belief might be the issue in your case.

It’s most common after all.

It’s parents typical behaviour to object love marriages., esp when the groom or bride belongs to other caste and culture.

It is more prevalent in middle class mindsets. Once you get married, parents have no choice but to accept you.

We see many such cases everyday.

Rich people marry without caring for what the world will say.

Infact the ultra rich societies in Mumbai have started marrying foreigners, it will to some extent reach the

other strata of societies as well in coming years.

In their case say, even if the relationships doesn’t work after x number of years, a rich man knows he

will be able to find a bride easily.

There are two reasons for this

  • No one goes into marriage thinking this, Having said that there is no dearth of divorced/separated

women of all ages in the society. In all rich, middle class and lower middle class societies.

  • If a person is rich or with sound financial background, he can easily support the women and her family.
  • This is where most of the relationships are turning in later years of life.
  • Another common feature we have noticed, is the number of women staying or getting back to their

parent’s house after 7-10years of marriage.

  • The number is large compared to the number of divorced cases.
  • So, the rich people know even if they marry within their circle or community, no one can predict it’s future as rosy.
  • Because even the rich women or girl’s has her independent nature, by virtue of their been raised in liberty.

Marriage is dicey anyways, so the rich are more prepared to experiment or so take an unorthodox or unconventional path.

Also because, they are less worried about ”What people will say”


Why Women Suffer in Love, Life and Relationships?


Love, Life and Relationships.

Life Designing is our forte.

Signing Off,

Vikas Gade
Celebrity Life Coach

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