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Lockdown’s Impact On Life & Relationships!

Lockdown’s Impact On Life & Relationships!

Is Lockdown taking a toll on life and relationships?

Yes, as per various reports, it suggests that lockdown is badly impacting relationships.

The basic problem of life is it’s unsatisfactory nature.

What do all of us seek? What do we really need in our life? What makes us happy?

All of us seek peace and harmony. This is what we lack in our lives.

Things happen that we do not want; things that we want do not happen.

We are ignorant of how or why the process works?

At times we experience suffering, dissatisfaction, irritation, disharmony, restlessness, anxiety, apprehension and a lot more.

This personal dissatisfaction does not remain limited to ourselves, we spread it to others in our sphere.

Individual tensions combine to create tensions in society.

Think for a moment, suppose if there was No Lockdown at all,

What all of us would be doing? Running endlessly to earn money and paying bills.

When all that we need is basic neccessities of livelihood. As this lockdown experience has once again

reiterated to us.

Have You heard about the Happiness Index?

There is HAPPINESS Index of all countries in the world. This report is published by UN every year.

FINLAND is No 1 as per the Happiness Index 2019. Isn’t that amazing?

Isn’t that a true way of measuring wealth of a society.  Rather than by measuring Infrastructure, OIL & GAS Reserves,

Gold & Diamond mines, Technology, Industries a country possesses.

All of this can be wiped out in an instant by NATURE. COVID -19

Can Your HAPPINESS be wiped out?

Can even Lockdown or Covid-19 wipe out your happiness?

The answer is no, if we set out our minds to function in that way.

How fantastic a life it would be, if You have been happy all through your life.

Would you mind dying after leading a happy and healthy life?

People & Society in general is full of people carrying tensions. What for?

Nothing is permanent in the world, not you, not me and not even the circumstances.

A short but happy life is better over a long but worrisome, tension filled life is better?

Life is uncertain. Accidents happen. So live your life to the fullest. Don’t carry ill feelings towards your

spouses and in any other relationships in general.

You need to know what You are living for and not pick up the sack and head to office every other day, work on PC,

watch movies on mobile, games, You need to know what You are TRULY WORTH?

And if You Are Worth something You need to know what You possess inside Yourself that You can offer to the world.

That will be of Your benefit and benefit of the society.

Look at this, what does an Actor possess? What does Shahrukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan possess?

Skills to showcase different shades, behaviour, emote a person as if it was himself/herself .

What does a Cricketer possess? Skills to score more runs or get more wickets for himself and his team.

This metaphor will be true for all other professions  and work that You do.

All You need is guts and instincts to follow your inner voice.

Make a difference in Your Life and Your Circle.

Even when a glamourised actor or cricketer starts his or her journey, not many support them.

They are also advised to follow the stereotype.

Complete Education, get a job for fulfilling your desire, there is life to do this later.

They don’t listen, that’s another story. And that’s the reason they become successful and idols later.

Education is important, only if it doesn’t take away your ability to think.

To use your knowledge, combined with your experience to experiment and create or facilitate something.

Education in the form of being able to read and write alone won’t suffice.

Don’t Lockdown or any other Event Impact Your Relationships Adversely

Q) Client’s often ask me What makes a relationship last long?

Ans: A relationship goes through phases.

One thing which keeps the spark alive inspite of all odds, is how strong the “spark” for each other genuinely is.

To explain in less words, think of parents love for their offspring.

No matter how old the kid, parents love is for real, unmatched, selfless, sacrificing forever.

You will not find a father/ mother feeding himself/herself first before feeding their child.

And it stays that way in all aspects of life forever.

Except for Indian Marriages where parents are a bit stubborn about caste and religion.

So unless you find a person whose love is parallel, forever sacrificing for you, one must not tie the knot.

Unfortunately, most girls don’t look for the spark, they look for handsome, rich guy.

The reason for almost 60% divorce rates in today’s marriages.

Lockdown’s Impact On Basic Problems of Life! – Vikas Gade

Do You know which are the most successful companies?

The one’s which focusses on the end user requirements. They make the product and service so inclusive

that there is nothing more you can ask for.

Plug & Play systems. Mobile phones, PAYTM, ATM Cards.

Marriage Dilemma : Why Marriages Don’t Last

If you ask anyone why marriages fail, people simply say due to “ego” or “non adjustment”

But in my opinion marriages fail because of “unconditioned mind”

Whether it’s arrange or love marriage, the chief deciding factor for a girl is Possession of a man;

covered under various pretexts.

The family system convinces a girl to marry this guy and you have “secured” your future lifestyle,

the prime reason for conflicts, extra marital affairs and divorces later.


The things which really matter at the end of life is contentment and peace. Sadly, these cannot be bought.

Life Designing is our forte.

Signing Off,

Vikas Gade
Celebrity Life Coach

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