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Live Your Dreams


We discussed about How To Escape The Rat Race in the last blog.

Here, we discuss about How to LIVE YOUR DREAMS?

We also discussed the 5 ingredients for Success.

  • YOU
  • Your Idea or Passion, work that you wanna do
  • Dream and Vision, scale of thoughts.
  • People who are on same wavelength as you.
  • Manage the first four including You!

Chase Your Dreams! That’s the only way to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Now let’s delve into it further. Remember what Jackma said

“We are never in lack of money. We lack people with dreams, who can die for those dreams”
Now let’s split the statement into 3 parts.

We lack people with dreams – Do we lack people with Dreams?
No, not at all, we however lack people who strive hard to fulfill their dreams.

People who are ready to sacrifice in order to Live Their Dreams.

Everyone has a dream for which they need to pursue it with zeal.
One needs to be fired and passionate enough to chase that dream.

Live that dream many times before achieving it. Make it a habit to visualise Yourself Live Your dream!

That’s the only way to do it. Alongwith persistence and endurance.

Most of us love cricket and we lord and praise when a batsman builds an innings when the chips are down.
Don’t we?

What’s special about MSD?
5 for 3, chasing 220+ in a World Cup Semifinal

Yet no one in the WORLD dare say, that India had lost the match at that point.
Everyone amongst the Billion Indians and worldover knew the charisma of MS Dhoni and he did it eventually before the run out!

Can a batsman go out there thinking “Oh God, 5 Runs, 3 Wickets are down”
How can I bat now? Life’s so difficult, how can I do it?

Now, take this compared to any task that you do.
In life too, everyone of us very easily give up on their dreams,. Only because of 2 reasons.

First is they lack the grit to go against the crowd, their friends and family.

Remember when it comes to achieving/chasing a dream friends and family are your biggest enemies.

They all belong to herd mentality, in Big Boss slang “Bhed Chal

You have to be self motivated, filled with passion, fire in your veins to see your dream fulfilled.

Else, live and die doing the odd tasks which billions did before and will do in future too.

If you feel Life is Special then You need to value and attach a meaning to your life.

Live your dreams, by living as you wish, as you desire, as per your passion.

Don’t conform with the crowd attitude.

You need to decide it for yourself and be determined all along the way.

In order to live your dreams, a whole lot of challenges you may have to face.

At the outset you need to be damn sure of one thing, that You will never ever quit and go back to the same old path.

If you tread this path and venture out, initially 100 percent of the people you know and encounter will laugh at you.

Talk nonsense about you because that’s what they are. So don’t give it into the crap.

Workout on your own. Workout your own salvation.

The Lord Buddha said “Be a light unto yourself, seek refuge in yourself”

In simple terms, look no further than yourself to change your life, to live and make your dreams a reality!

All the multi millionaires today, started or someone in their family tree hierarchy started the process. The next generations may have benefited.

You need to start the wheel for yourself and your family.


And we will be glad to help you. Life Designing is our forte.

Signing Off,

Vikas Gade
Celebrity Life Coach

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