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IKIGAI – Japanese Way of Happy Life

IKIGAI – Japanese Way of Happy Life . A new concept on the secret of a happy and longlasting life.

Ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy) is a wonderful Japanese concept that essentially means “a reason for being.”

It’s made from two Japanese words: iki, meaning “life” and kai, meaning “effect, result, worth or benefit.” Combined: “a reason for living.”

“Your ikigai is at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing,” says Hector Garcia, the co-author of Ikigai:

The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. He writes,“Just as humans have lusted after objects and money since the dawn of time,

other humans have felt dissatisfaction at the relentless pursuit of money and fame and have instead focused on something bigger than

their own material wealth. This has over the years been described using many different words and practices, but always hearkening back

to the central core of meaningfulness in life.”










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Ikigai is seen as the convergence of four primary elements:

What you love (your passion)

What the world needs (your mission)

What you are good at (your vocation)

What you can get paid for (your profession)

Discovering your own ikigai is said to bring fulfilment, happiness and make you live longer.

Want to find your Ikigai? Ask yourself the following four questions:

  1. What do I love?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What can I be paid for now — or something that could transform into my future hustle?
  4. What does the world need?

In their book Ikigai The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles break down the ten rules

that can help anyone find their own ikigai.

  1. Stay active and don’t retire
  2. Leave urgency behind and adopt a slower pace of life
  3. Only eat until you are 80 per cent full
  4. Surround yourself with good friends
  5. Get in shape through daily, gentle exercise
  6. Smile and acknowledge people around you
  7. Reconnect with nature
  8. Give thanks to anything that brightens our day and makes us feel alive.
  9. Live in the moment
  10. Follow your ikigai

Follow your curiosity.

Philosopher and civil rights leader Howard W Thurman said, “Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.” …

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

The problem for millions of people is that they stop being curious about new experiences as they assume responsiblities and build routines.

Their sense of wonder starts to escape them.

But you can change that, especially if you are still looking for meaning and fulfilment in what you do daily.

What is the one simple thing you could do or be today that would be an expression of your ikigai?

Find it and pursue it with all you have, anything less is not worth your limited time on planet earth.


How to be happy in life is a state of mind.

  1. Every relationship is a lesson.
  2. Think about your happiness first. If there’s love, your happiness will be your partner’s and vice versa.
  3. We were made to be with someone we can be comfortably quiet with.
  4. Red flags are not a taboo. Talk about them.
  5. Leave abusive and toxic relationships as soon as possible. It can be your friend, partner or even a parent.

That is all how to be happy in life.

Just breathe. Stay Grounded, Take it easy!


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