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ESCAPE THE RAT RACE – Once and for all

Do You Want To Escape The Rat Race?

Have You ever thought of escaping the rate race?

It’s close to couple of months now since the Lockdown began in the country and gave us all time to reincarnate “ourself”

What does the Lockdown teach us Or what we take away from this Learning experience is of paramount importance for

our and our societies future.

It’s a Global Pandemic of extraordinary nature.

No one alive has seen these sort of restrictions being imposed across geographies. Ill effect of the Global village norm.

So how do we move forward. How do we escape the rate race? Which we are so accustomed to?

The good thing that happened is “Work from home” was widely practiced. Practiced by businesses who never gave it a thought.

And another great thing that happened is some people who are awake, had an opportunity to talk to themselves and

carve a new path. They would have gone inside themselves to find out the true calling of their life!

Whether one want’s to live the same life day in and day out? Or whether one should try and do something different and leave

or escape the old path, escape the rate race?

Let this event change the way we move forward, adjust our sails.

Do not rush endlessly behind teh targets and iphones!

You know iphone syndrome??

People who buy an iphone, post a mirror selfie and some with the box pack pic too, just to tell the whole world

“I am worthy enough to afford an iphone”

Nothing wrong with it, yet nothing right either.

Coz surely some of these people’s whole intention is to announce to the world that they own an iphone.

You guys can dwell into that as per your thought process.

Getting back to the true calling of life?

If you are doing a job, business and you are following the same routine stuff for years, this is your moment of glory.

Mother earth has asked you to stop the bullshit.

Whatever your age, you need to work around one thing for sure, how you wanna be known as, for what contribution you did,

what you did for society?

The earlier you find an answer to the above quest, the better off you will be with respect to living a life.

Unless you also want to pass on as billions others in the mad rush.

What an average man does, an average person, completes education, gets a job, marries, has children, vacations.

What is his breakout, movies, drink parties.

And with the mobile videos, people are watching movies uninterruptedly.

Now, if you wanna grow rich, grow as an individual, make yourself a brand, you need to first and foremost leave this average life.

You have to introspect and find out what’s in it you that you can offer to the world.

How you can fine tune your skills to adapt to changing times?

How you can collaborate with other’s who are doing something worthwhile in life.

Every individual is an average person with an above average intellect, differentiated skillset.

You will ever need 5 ingredients for Your Success

  • YOU
  • Your Idea or Passion, work that you wanna do
  • Dream and Vision, scale of thought
  • People who are on same wavelength as you.
  • Manage the first four including You!

At the outset you need to be damn sure of one thing, that You will never ever quit and go back to the same old path.

If you tread this path and venture out, initially 100 percent of the people you know and encounter will laugh at you.

Talk nonsense about you coz that’s what they are. So don’t give it into the crap.

Workout on your own. The Buddha said “Be a light unto yourself, seek refuge in yourself”

In other words, workout your own salvation in order to escape the rate race and live an extra ordinary life.

All the multi millionaires today, started or someone in their family tree hierarchy started the process.

The next generations may have benefitted immensely.

You need to start the wheel for yourself and your family.


And we will be glad to help you. Life Designing is our forte.

Signing Off,

Vikas Gade
Celebrity Life Coach


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